STATIC-WEBPAGES - Why I choose to use static webpages


A newcomer to my website might find himself questioning why I choose to represent all of my websites statically, which is a valid question. In this internet of javascript frameworks and databases, it's not unreasonable to expect even a simple blog site like this one to involve lots of fancy buttons and whistles like I could include if I was to use a powerful language like javascript. The reason I don't is quite simple: I'm lazy.

Let me explain. To make my site dynamic and exciting would require me to write some kind of code that's more complex than basic HTML, which I can edit easily and represents my meaning well. As it is, I can have my site styles very consistently and in an (I think) aesthetically pleasing way with minimal effort, I can hand-write every aspect of my website without referring to documentation.

I am using HTML, HyperText Markup Language as exactly that: basic text formatting. And for this format, it works great. I get to have my page styled like a man page and feel quirky and put my projects online just fine, and years down the line, there's no way what I have constructed here will be deprecated.

Deprecation is another pretty big concern. I am really hoping that anything I write for this is write-once. If I was going to need to come back in several years and either reformat or re-arrange my writing so that it could be served up by whatever up-and-coming system has replaced javascript, I don't think I would bother. And since I am a programmer, laziness is something I pride myself on. I will take the route of least resistance and simply write my website in the web equivalent of plaintext: more or less unstyled HTML.

Add in an appreciation for lightweight websites, and it's a decision that was dead easy to make. I've seen wordpress blogs, sure they look nice, sure they let you post comments, but whatever. If people really care to give me feedback, they can shoot me an email at, and if the comment is good enough I guess I can include it at the bottom or something.


I am not a web design professional, nor am I an expert in many of the fields I post about. Take my word with a grain of salt, and always do research on your own.